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You will find here some pictures of dogs and cats grooming realised in our salon.
Even if some results are "flashing" and "incredible", the success of the grooming depends also on the animal state and behaviour.
Such "miracles" are not always possible.  If the dog is suffering too much, or doesn"t want at all to be touched and detangled, the complete clipping (very often very short because, to achieve it, the clipper blade should go under the mats, that are in most cases glues to the skin) is unfortunately the only solution.  
A dog or a cat kept in good coat condition and regularly & correctly brushed by his owners will be more used to grooming, and more tolerant with the groomer manipulations, more patient too.  He won't suffer (because no tangle, no detangling ;-)) and the grooming session will not be a "supplice" for him. 

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