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Next births with possible availabilities expected approximately around Spring / Summer 2023 (solid color). If you have any question, feel free to contact us. 

By our friends : - 


(pictures here below to illustrate the colors that we are breeding in English Cocker : black, golden, black & tan and blue roan).  






English Cocker : Light blue roan puppy female, 5 months old, available.   Contact us for more information.  And you can also always contact us for any question regarding the breed, for example.


If you're perhaps looking to buy an older teenager dog (12 months old), you can also contact us.  




By our friends  :


You can find other serious breeders coordinates on the breed club homepage or

Because there are not so many puppies born by these breeders towards the high demand for puppies, the best is to be patient and to wait by or or several of these breeders.

Choose breeders who are working for the breed, its health, its temperament, the standard, better than breeders who are working "for colors" or that ask prohibitive fees depending or the sex or the color of the puppies.

NB : We also have breeders friends in France or Netherlands, if you're living in one of these countries.


Our puppies are bred in our house, amongst our other adult dogs and our 2 Persian cats.   
They are also used to children. They are entirely part of our life, and are very well socialised.




See the page "Planned litter" to know more about our next births.

For more information, please contact us.


Puppies by our friends :

Puppies available or to reserve by our friends, contact us for more information. 




Notre boutique en ligne, devenue il y a quelque temps "All4yourpets by Haïsha" vous attend à l'adresse 

et sa page Facebook 

Vous y trouverez une multitude d'articles soigneusement sélectionnés.  La plupart de ces articles sont également disponibles dans le "mini-shop" jouxtant notre salon de toilettage. 

Notre salon de toilettage est aussi devenu "Grooming4yourpets by Haïsha", son site web est en cours de reconstruction.  

En attendant, vous pourrez le suivre sur la page Facebook 

Les nouvelles de l'élevage sont toujours disponibles via la page Facebook

If you're looking for an adult or retired dog, English or American Cocker, you can contact us with your complete presentation.  

At the moment, we have a 5 years old particolor American Cocker male, a 6 years old black and white American Cocker girl (by our friends), one English Cocker blue roan boy and one blue roan girl, 5 years and half (these two one will be preferaby placed together, the boy will be neutered)?

If you’re looking for an adult dog, for a good reason, please let us know.

We have a few dogs who ended their show and breeding career, and we still prefer to offer them a quality “second life”, a good family life, that we personally couldn’t give them.  Indeed, to take care of a kennel asks a lot of time and energy and, unfortunately, we couldn’t take care of each dog individually as a family (or a single person) could do it.

Le plus simple est de nous contacter, par téléphone ou par email (, après avoir lu les articles sur Le standard, le caractère (et surtout le fait qu'à chaque couleur correspond un caractère assez précis et différent), l'éducation, l'entretien ... présents sur notre site Internet.

Important news

Our online shop


Last March, our online shop had a total refreshing. 

We propose you "Cocker" specific stuff, as well as grooming supplies, toys, calendars, and many other things. 

Feel free to visit it and come back regularly, we will have regularly new articles, as well as promotional offers.  ...



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Current litter



English Cocker : Light blue roan puppy female, 5 months old, available.   Contact us for more information.  And you can also always contact us for any question regarding the bre...



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Our other sites

Our grooming salon :

Our online shop :

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