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If you’re looking for an adult dog, for a good reason, please let us know.

We have a few dogs who ended their show and breeding career, and we still prefer to offer them a quality “second life”, a good family life, that we personally couldn’t give them.  Indeed, to take care of a kennel asks a lot of time and energy and, unfortunately, we couldn’t take care of each dog individually as a family (or a single person) could do it.

These dogs are socialized, and have always been correctly treated.  They have a good temperament, are in good health and perfect shape.  They have a lot of friendship and love to give.  But don’t misunderstand : They are not unhappy there (they are not like “rescue” dogs !).
Their age  varies between 6 and 8 years old, but we sometimes have  younger dogs (2 – 3 years old) to place.

To people who could think that  we are throwing  the dogs away as soon as we ended with “using” them, you have to know that our bitches have maximum 4 litters in their life, and we always keep contact with their new family, for example if they’re coming here for grooming, and we take the necessary time to know at the best the people interested before all, and we are always available to answer them if they have questions.

We are not looking for family for all our older dogs and, when we do it, it’s not an easy task, we’re not happy to let them go, but we know that’s for everybody’s welfare, and we’re always happy to know they’re giving a lot of joy in their new home....

Please also note that we’re never in the emergency to place a dog, we take the time, we don’t put any bargain excepted on our homepage, …  If nobody ask for an adult dog, the dog will continue to have a good  life here, and will be well cared (teeth cleaning, artificial tears, neutering  if necessary, …) in the same way and with the same attention than all our other dogs. 

If you’re eventually interested, please contact us, while keeping in mind  that changing life asks a lot of patience and that the dog will need a few weeks (or months) to adapt himself to his new condition (as for a puppy).

We have of course more information to give you about these dogs, their history, …  So, if you’re interested, please send us an email, and answer to the following questions :

  • Have you ever had a dog ?  If yes, which breed ?  And a dog or a bitch ?  If it was an English Cocker, which colour  ?
  • Are you living  in a flat or in a house  ?
  • Do you have a garden ?
  • What’s your lifestyle (timetable, …) ?
  • Will the dog have to meet  / live with other dogs  ?
  • Will the dog have to meet / live with young children  ?
  • Why do you wish to take an adult dog  ?

Please not that this is not for breeders or future breeders.

We have currently two black bitches, one 6 years old and spayed, the other 2 years old.  Only for serious enquiries !  Contact us for more information. 

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