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Back on the French and English roads, with  Juliet, Isa (Isabella du Domaine d’Haïsha) and Jean (Ch Jenny Wren du Domaine d’Haïsha), to go to the Cocker Spaniel Club Championship Show, in Malvern.

English showed then almonst 10 degrees difference with the Belgian weather.  There, 28°c … 

The doggies enjoyed the hotel, as usual wink




Malvern is located in the Wales, a beautiful area (we should absolutely take the time to visit, but the show exhibitors know that, very often, we don’t see anything else than the show hall where the event is held), wonderful landscapes, ...

At the show, 333 entries and, of course, very high quality dogs.  Beautiful show hall, with a lot of light, with the “champions gallery” shown on the walls, an excellent organization, a good atmosphere and nice meetings, as well with the English than with the “continental” breeders, …  Malvern is, indeed, an unavoidable meeting for Cocker enthusiasts. 




The judges were Mrs Sally Leeding (« Floroyal ») for the dogs, and Mr Andrew Jones (« Shenmore ») for the bitches.

Juliet and Jean weren’t placed, Isa was placed 3rd

Jean 's class (Black Open) :



Juliet 's class (AOC Open) :



Isa 's class (Gold Open) :




More than the fact that our dogs are competing, it was important for us to be there, to see, to enjoy and to spend an excellent day with friends.

And then, we also had the chance to meet, in “live”, our dogs progeny : « Charbonnel Memory » , our Ch. Joe du Domaine d’Haïsha’s son  out of « Charbonnel Peace Dream », who won his class and « Charbonnel Dream Jeanie » and « Charbonnel Another Dream »,  our Ch. Garibaldi du Domaine d’Haïsha’s daughters, out of  « Sh Ch Charbonnel Dream Design JW», respectively  2ndet 4th in the “Minor Puppy » class. 

Charbonnel Memory


Charbonnel Dream Jeanie & Charbonnel Another Dream



We are really so proud and happy of this more than 13 years collaboration with our friend Sandy Platt …

Congratulations, Sandy, for these results, and for « Charbonnel Life’n’Times » Best In Show, after a great breeding and selection work, that’s so so well deserved  !!!!




Congratulations to our friend and traveling companion Nathalie de Paule (« L’Orme à Lieue ») for the results of her beautiful dogs, all placed that day !  Thanks also for your presence and good mood in every circumstance !

Congratulations to all our friends and people that we know !

The end of the day and the packing of the car wink

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