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First show results for Robin’s puppies at « Fantasia’s » kennel (Mrs Barbara Tej), 8 months old, in puppy class  :

29.03.2014 National Show Berlin - Judge : G. Kastl (D)

Fantasia’s Classic Chance1st Very Promising (Owner : Kennel « White Classics »)


Fantasia's Classic Chance

Fantasia’s Cuba Gooding jr2nd Very Promising (Owner : L.Lorenz )

Fantasia's Cuba Gooding jr

30.03.2014 International Show Berlin - Judge : B.Johansson (S)

Fantasia’s Cute ‘n’ Charming1st Very Promising (Owner : Kennel « White Classics »)




Fantasia's Cute 'n' Charming

Fantasia’s Classic Chance : 1st Very Promising (Owner : Kennel « White Classics »)

Fantasia's Classic Chance

Fantasia’s Cuba Gooding jr. : 2nd Promising (Owner :  L. Lorenz)

Fantasia's Cuba Gooding jr

And a little picture of Fantasia’s Cameron Diaz (Owner : Kennel « White Classics »)

Fantasia's Cameron Diaz

Big congrats to the breeder and the owners  !

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